CFLs vs. LEDs

Although CFLs are fairly inexpensive, they’ve always faced a few major issues. CFLs have a slow warm up time, meaning it takes a while for the bulbs to completely light up. They have also been criticized for containing mercury, even though the amount is small.  Both CFLs and LEDs are energy efficient, but where a 60-watt equal CFL consumes around 13 watts of energy, a 60-watt equal LED only consumes about 8.5 watts.

In a similar comparison, the average lifespan of CFLs is around 6,000 hours, while some LEDs can last over 50,000 hours. During Earth Day in 2015, Phillips released a 60-watt equivalent LED light bulb that reportedly lasts a whopping 10 years. Even though CFLs won’t disappear from shelves next week, its obvious LEDs are currently in the lead for best bulb.

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