What we do?

Oorjam is an Online Marketplace directly connecting clients who are interested in purchasing LED energy efficient product directly from the suppliers.

Who we are?

Oorjam has over 10 years of experience selling to retail customers and responding to their needs, across various retail sectors. Therefore, Oorjam can leverage its retail relationships, infastructure, experience, and a newly trusted brand name to achieve a huge success with this product. 

Why we are growing? business model supports a commitment to providing outstanding customer service, low prices, safe and fast shipping, and quality product with variety.

Oorjam Company Benefits:

  •          Convenient Houston Location
  •          State of the art computer equipment and working supplies
  •          Training Programs
  •          Long-Term Career Opportunities
  •          No Nights and Weekend work required
  •          Competitive Compensation
  •          Nice/New Working Environment